About Us

Why You Should Choose Us

In collaboration with top spine experts in the state, both orthopedic-spine specialists as well as neurosurgeons, the Las Colinas Spine Program is differentiating the way spine care is being delivered in the North Texas region.  Located within Las Colinas Medical Center, the spine program offers specialized spine focus with the benefit of support from a full service acute care medical center.

Through a customized approach to diagnosis and treatment, we are improving the quality of lives for our patients one patient at a time. Our partnering physicians are committed to providing each patient with the assistance they need to regain their lifestyles.  Furthermore, some of our specialists are among the few in the state certified to perform minimally invasive laser spine surgery.  Through this surgical advancement, our patients benefit from decreased recovery time as well as reduced infection rates.

So, what happens if you are not deemed a surgical candidate?  Not a problem, we've got that covered too.  Las Colinas Medical Center offers the comprehensive services needed to get you back on your feet.  From physical therapy to advanced imaging services, our program provides the full spectrum of care to help you restore your health.