Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the Las Colinas Spine Program for my spine / back care?

There are many reasons why you should choose this program, however, some of the main advantages are detailed below:

  • We offer orthopedic-spine physicians as well as neurosurgeons based on patient preference.
  • Many of our physicians are fellowship trained.
  • Our physicians are utilizing the modern day surgical treatments through the use of minimally invasive spine surgery.  Due to this commitment to quality, our patients are benefiting from decreased recovery and improved outcomes.
  • All surgeries are performed within a JCAHO accredited hospital.  In addition, since our hospital is an HCA owned facility, we have the benefit of shared resources from over 160 other hospitals around the world.  Through this network, we are able to share best practices and benchmark key metrics with other facilities. From nurses to technicians, our staff are trained to ensure you receive the best care possible.
  • If intensive care services are needed post surgery, we have a private 8-bed unit with the latest technology to monitor our patients.
  • Our experts are customizing your care plan to ensure that the most appropriate steps are taken to maximize your benefit.  Note, many times this involves taking a more conservative route of treatment, i.e. not recommending surgery.

If I am traveling to Las Colinas from out of town, how should I coordinate the visit?

The first step is to call (972) 969-2020.  From there, an agent will get some important information and will then transfer your call to the clinic.  Once connected, it will be important that you inform your scheduling agent that you are traveling from out of town.  We will then confirm your clinic appointment and will provide directions from your origin.

How long can I expect to remain in the hospital after the procedure?  How long is recovery after discharge?

This will be dependent on the type of procedure that is performed by the physician.  However, most recommended procedures only require outpatient surgery services.  Assuming this is recommended for your procedure, you can expect to leave the facility on the same day as the surgery to start your recovery!!