Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with the Las Colinas Spine Program is an easy process.  Here is what you can expect when you call (972) 969-2020 to schedule your appointment:

  1. You will be greeted by one of our spine program agents that will ask some pertinent questions in order to efficiently manage your call.
  2. During regular business hours, your call will be transferred to our spine clinic in order to schedule an evaluation.  Once the appointment has been confirmed, the scheduler will offer the opportunity to speak with one of our spine experts prior to your visit.
  3. The scheduler will provide the address/location of your clinic visit.  Please note, due to multiple clinic locations, your initial visit may not take place on Las Colinas Medical Center campus.  However, all medical services recommended by your physician after this evaluation will take place within Las Colinas Medical Center.
  4. Once your initial evaluation has been completed by one of our fellowship trained physicians, he will provide a plan of treatment.  This treatment may consist of various options including:  physical therapy, pain management, and/or surgery.  Regardless of the recommended plan, our spine program has been built with patient convenience in mind by offering all services within Las Colinas Medical Center.
  5. After your customized care plan has been determined and communicated, the clinic scheduler will then work with you to find a convenient time in order for you to access the recommended health services within Las Colinas Medical Center.