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Solis Women’s Health – The Peace of Mind Mammogram™

Solis MammographySolis Women’s Health - Mammography is thrilled to be joining with the Las Colinas Medical Center to bring the Peace of Mind Mammogram™ to woman who live and work in and around Las Colinas.

The Solis mission is simple; be dedicated solely to the practice of breast imaging, and to make the experience of mammography something that will provide women a feeling of peace instead of dread. To that end, here are some facts about Solis Mammography that may provide some Peace of Mind prior to your taking that big step.

What is the Solis Peace of Mind Mammogram™

A mammogram can be, for many women, a highly emotional procedure. It can create considerable anxiety and even fear. Solis never takes the emotional component of mammography lightly. A “routine” mammogram is never really “routine” to our women visitors so it is never “routine to us. That sensitivity is always front and center in our approach to providing mammography. The technologists, physicians and office staff at Solis are all passionate in their approach to giving women a comfortable and peaceful experience.

Because Solis is dedicated to providing Peace of Mind, we use clinically proven methods to ensure exceptionally accurate results.

  • The technologists at Solis are experienced, gentle and highly trained.
  • The mammography technology is always state of the art.
  • Most importantly, the dedication and experience of the radiologists, who have specialized in breast imaging, ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Let’s make this easy.

  • Schedule your mammogram in minutes on-line at or call 866.717.2551 and talk to one of our experienced scheduling professionals
  • Total time in the center should be 30 – 40 minutes. An “appointment” is an “appointment”
  • Results will be securely emailed to you in 24 – 48 hours

Getting your mammogram is a very good decision. When you are ready, Solis Mammography and Las Colinas Medical Center are here to take care of you.