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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Las Colinas Medical Center is here to help you with any medical emergency situation, from a minor injury to a life-threatening event. The department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With years of experience in caring for you and your family, our board certified Emergency physicians and nurses offer the finest quality healthcare, advanced technology and knowledge available to manage critical conditions. Our emergency room is well equipped to limit wait times and get you the care you need quickly.

According to the Director of the Emergency Department at LCMC, "Every second counts when it comes to treating a heart attack-time is muscle! This is the most important step in providing the highest quality of care when treating cardiac patients." We are proud to be a Cycle II accredited Chest Pain Center. Las Colinas Medical Center has demonstrated its expertise and commitment to cardiac care by meeting or exceeding criteria for chest pain centers and boasts an average door to balloon time of 54 minutes– well below the national average of 90 minutes.

Our team of professionals ensure:

  • triage, immediate bedding & bedside registration
  • collaboration between physicians, nurses and support staff
  • treatment of your illness or injury from minor to critical
  • state-of-art testing and diagnostics, inclusive of point of care technology
  • rapid treatment decisions leading to discharge or admission

all to provide the fastest throughput of any emergency department in the area.